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How to Get Rid of Vomit from Carpets

Carpet Cleaning Vomit Cleanup

TLDR: Dealing with vomit on carpets can be unpleasant, but quick action can prevent lasting damage and odors. For immediate cleaning, remove as much vomit as possible, apply a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and water, and blot the area dry. For persistent smells or stains, professional carpet cleaning services like Certified Clean Care are recommended for a thorough and hygienic solution.

What to do When Dealing with Vomit on Your Carpets

Dealing with vomit on your carpet is an unfortunate but sometimes unavoidable challenge. It’s important to act quickly not only to protect your carpet from lasting damage but also to maintain a hygienic environment in your home. This guide provides a step-by-step approach to effectively handle such incidents, ensuring you can tackle the problem efficiently and with confidence. From immediate cleanup steps to preventative measures, and when to call in the experts at Certified Clean Care, we’ve got you covered.

Steps to Take to Remove Vomit from Carpet

  1. Remove Solids: Quickly but carefully remove any solid particles using a dustpan, a spatula, or a piece of sturdy cardboard. This step is crucial to prevent the vomit from seeping deeper into the carpet fibers. It’s important to scoop gently and avoid spreading the stain.
  2. Blot the Area: Using paper towels or a clean, absorbent cloth, gently blot the affected area. The goal is to soak up as much liquid as possible without rubbing the stain into the carpet. Work from the outside of the stain towards the center to prevent spreading.
  3. Apply Cleaning Solution: Create a homemade cleaning solution by mixing a tablespoon of dish soap, a tablespoon of white vinegar, and two cups of warm water. The dish soap helps break down grease and stains, while the vinegar neutralizes odors. Apply this solution directly to the stain using a clean cloth, dabbing gently to avoid saturating the carpet.
  4. Baking Soda for Odor Removal: Once you’ve treated the area with the cleaning solution, generously sprinkle baking soda over the spot. Baking soda is a natural deodorizer and will help to absorb any remaining odors. Allow it to sit on the stain for at least 15 minutes, or longer for stronger odors.
  5. Vacuum Up Baking Soda: After allowing the baking soda to sit, thoroughly vacuum the area. This not only removes the baking soda but also helps to lift any residue left from the vomit and cleaning solution.
  6. Dry the Area: It’s essential to ensure the carpet is completely dry to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. You can speed up the drying process by using a fan, a dry towel, or even a hairdryer on a cool setting. Gently blot with a dry towel first, then use a fan to air dry the area completely.

For Tough Stains and Odors: Sometimes, despite your best efforts, stains and odors may persist. In these cases, it’s advisable to contact professionals like Certified Clean Care. Their specialized equipment and expertise can thoroughly clean and disinfect your carpet, dealing with stubborn stains and lingering odors effectively.

By following these steps and maintaining regular care, you can keep your carpets clean and fresh, even in the face of challenging stains like vomit. Remember, for the best results and peace of mind, Certified Clean Care is just a call away to help maintain the beauty and hygiene of your carpets.

Question & Answers About Cleaning Up Vomit on Carpets

Q: What happens if you throw up on carpet? A: Vomit can penetrate carpet fibers, causing stains and odors. Immediate cleaning is crucial to prevent long-term damage. If the vomit is left unattended, it may result in stubborn stains and a lingering smell.

Q: How do you get rid of the smell of vomit? A: Baking soda is effective for neutralizing odors. After cleaning the area, sprinkle baking soda, let it sit, then vacuum. For persistent odors, professional carpet cleaning services are recommended.

Q: How long does vomit smell last in carpet? A: The duration of the smell depends on the carpet material and how quickly the vomit is cleaned. Typically, if cleaned immediately, the smell should not last long. However, in cases where it’s not addressed quickly, the odor can linger for a prolonged period.

Q: Can vomit permanently stain carpet? A: Vomit can cause permanent stains, especially on light-colored or delicate carpets. Prompt cleaning reduces this risk. For tough stains, professional carpet cleaning services like Certified Clean Care can often remove them effectively.


While immediate action can mitigate most of the damage caused by vomit on carpets, some situations require professional attention. Certified Clean Care provides expert carpet cleaning services that not only remove tough stains and odors but also extend the life of your carpets. Contact Certified Clean Care for a clean, hygienic, and fresh-smelling carpet, ensuring a comfortable and healthy home environment.