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Carpet Clean with Dog

How to Keep Carpets Clean with Dogs

TLDR: Dogs are amazing animals; however, they can be a hassle to keep up with, especially when it comes to them staining your carpet. Luckily, there are several simple remedies that you can use to avoid dealing with your dog staining your carpet in the first place. Some of the most effective ways to keep your carpet clean with dogs are installing pet gates, keeping your dog clean, maintaining a healthy diet for your dog, and replacing your carpet with tiles.

Dogs are man’s best friend as the saying goes; however, they can be carpeting materials worst enemy. Out of all the types of stains that could affect your carpet, ones caused by dogs will be some of the hardest to remove for several reasons. For starters, stains on your carpet caused by dogs often come with unpleasant odors that other types of stains don’t.

Dog urine stains, in particular, are very acidic, which means that the stains primarily eats away at your carpeting material the longer it’s allowed to sit. If you’re someone who loves your dogs but wants to make sure that your carpet always looks great, you need to become educated about the property technique involved with keeping your carpet clean while managing your pets.

Below, we’re going to give you a comprehensive guide on how you can keep your carpet clean even if you have a lot of dogs inside your home.

Maintaining Your Carpet With Dogs 

It would be best if you considered several things when trying to figure out how to clean your carpet in the midst of having dogs. One of the first things you need to pay attention to is how frequently your dog is coming in and out of your home. If you have a dog breed that requires a lot of outside time and physical activity, it’s common to bring dirt along via their paws.

A great way to solve this problem is by putting areas rugs around your home to step on when they come in from outside. Another great way to cut down on the amount of dirt and stains caused by your pet is by making sure that you keep them clean on a regular basis. This aids in reducing the number of bacteria and dirt that your dog carries around the house in general.

Here are some other very effective techniques you can use to keep your carpet clean even if you have dogs around your house:

  • Clean any pet stains immediately using a pet-friendly carpet cleaner
  • Replace your carpet with tile flooring
  • Vacuum your carpet regularly
  • Try to restrict your dog’s movements around your home by isolating them in one specific area
  • Use baking soda on any dog stains you see as soon as possible to remove them from your carpet completely

You can implement all of these various methods with relative ease and no upfront investment. Keep in mind, all of the methods above are for individuals who are trying to prevent dog stains on their carpet in the first place.

If you already have stains on your dog’s carpet, you should contact a trusted carpet cleaning company in your area to assist you.

Keeping Dogs From Ruining Your Carpet 

Dogs tend to be very active creatures regardless of what breed you may have. Because of this, it can be hard trying to keep up with their every whereabouts throughout your home when you are busy. Thanks to technology and innovation, it’s now easier than ever to avoid your dogs running the look of your carpet.

By using dog gates that restrict the movement of your pet in addition to accessories such as shock dog collars, you will be able to train your dog with new behavioral patterns, which will help you avoid having to deal with stains on your carpet in the first place.

Your dog’s diet can also play a significant role in how often they use the restroom around your home. By ensuring that your dog receives healthy meals that are optimized for their diet, in particular, you can reduce the chances of accidental stains appearing on your carpet significantly.


All of the techniques we mentioned above can be used to avoid stains on your carpet from your dog. Ask yourself how long pet stains have been on your carpet, the source of the stain like urine, etc. By assessing these variables, you’ll be able to determine the most effective approach for you to use in order to keep your carpet clean even with dogs around.

People Also Ask

Do dogs ruin carpet?

It all depends on how well trained your dog is, but overall, dogs can cause serious damage to your carpeting. Everything from wet paws, scratching, clawing, and more can ruin your carpet’s appearance over time.

What is pet-proof carpeting?

Pet proofing your carpet simply refers to a process by which you install carpeting that is made from a specific type of material. One of the most popular pet-proof carpeting materials is nylon fiber because it’s stain-resistant and very durable.

Will dog pee ruin my carpet?

Yes, dog urine stains are some of the most known for ruining virtually any carpeting material they come in contact with. If you notice a dog pee stain on your carpet, remove it as soon as possible to increase your odds of getting it out without it leaving a permanent spot.