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5 Reasons a Professional Should Clean Your Tile and Grout

5 Reasons a professional should clean your tile and grout

There are a lot of home cleaning tasks that you can do yourself. However, tile and grout surfaces are most susceptible to spills, germs, and soiling. This means that these surfaces can not only appear dingy over time but can become breeding grounds for dangerous allergens and bacteria.
Tile floors can be cleaned and rejuvenated with help from the experts. Here are five reasons why it’s wise to have professionals take care of your tile and grout cleaning.

1. Scrubbing By Hand Takes Time

Your time is valuable (and so is your back!) so don’t waste time scrubbing at your tile. Your time is worth the cost of having the experts clean your tile and grout for you.
One of the biggest reasons for this is because grout is extremely porous, which makes it prone to collecting dirt, bacteria, and mold. You can scrub your grout endlessly and you still won’t be able to remove the deep-down contaminants in your tile and grout by yourself.
Your time (and your knees) are worth the cost of having the experts clean your tile and grout for you.

2. Professionals Can Remove Dirt Deep Down 

You can probably see the dirt and grime in your grout, it’s the reason your white grout isn’t white anymore. No matter how hard you scrub, this dirt can’t be completely removed from porous surfaces by hand.
On the other hand, professional tile cleaners have equipment and cleaning solutions not available to the public. This equipment is strong enough to lift stains that scrubbing and mopping can’t. Experts even remove the sticky residue that attracts dirt, and won’t leave any behind.

3. Tile Cleaning Creates a Healthier Home

The porous nature of grout means that it easily collects bacteria and germs. Unfortunately, tile is often found in damp places (bathrooms and kitchens especially), where mold is prone to grow. Professionally cleaned tile and grout are especially important if you have crawling babies or toddlers who play on the floor, or if anyone in your home has allergies, asthma, or respiratory issues.

Keeping your tile and grout free of germs is an important part of any healthy home’s maintenance and cleaning plan. With Certified Clean Care, you won’t only get brighter tile and grout, but a healthier home.

4. Professional Cleaning Can Save You Money

Professional tile and grout cleaners use powerful equipment unavailable to the general public. Letting them put this powerful equipment to use in your home saves you from damaging or replacing your tile and grout earlier than needed.

Experts will also provide recommendations for how to care for your surfaces so you can significantly extend their lifespan.

5. Expert Protective Sealant Prevents Dirt And Bacteria

Another way that professionals save you money and protect your tile and grout is by applying a tile and grout sealant. A sealant is a protective layer that helps to prevent spills and dirt from seeping into the tile and grout. This helps keep your tile from getting dirty, saving you money in future cleaning, and extending the life of your tile.

Tile and grout often have a sealant applied when they are installed. But sealants wear out over time and will need to be reapplied by professionals on a regular basis. As part of a professional tile and grout cleaning service, we will reseal the grout for you.

Instead of spending hours or days on your hands and knees scrubbing away at your tile and grout, let Certified Clean Care do the hard work for you. We will get your tile and grout sparkling clean and help come up with a regular cleaning schedule to keep them that way.