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Tile Cleaning Vs Sealing: Which One is Better?

Tiles are a common option for floors and walls in lots of houses and commercial spaces. These items are simple to clean, and you can find them in different designs and shades. But as time goes by, tiles may get dirty, stained, and worn out, losing their initial beauty and shine. 

This is when tile cleaning and sealing become important. You may be divided between tile cleaning vs sealing when it comes to preserving the aesthetic appeal and durability of your tiled surfaces. However, once you know the variations between these two methods, as well as their pros and cons, you can decide how to bring your tiles back to their original condition. 

This article will discuss the differences between tile sealing and tile cleaning to help you make an informed decision. So, let’s get into it!

What is the Difference Between Tile Cleaning and Sealing?

When you clean your tiles, it’s more than just a simple wipe-down. It takes work and the right tools. Try scrubbing, rinsing, and using the right cleaning products to tackle stubborn stains. Even after cleaning, tiles can still get stained and dirty. 

Sealing tiles is super helpful in that case. It’s like a shield against dirt and stains. By applying a sealant to your tiles, you create a barrier that stops dirt and grime from seeping in. It keeps your tiles in good shape and makes cleaning easier.

Benefits of Tile Cleaning

Many people choose tile cleaning because of its many advantages. To begin with, it works wonders right away – turning old, worn-out tiles into brand-new, shiny ones. Your tiles will last longer and look better if you clean them regularly. You can keep dirt and grime from wearing down your tiles over time by sweeping them away.

Tile cleaning also enhances the general cleanliness of your room. Places like bathrooms and kitchens tend to have tiles, which may be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Keeping your home clean on a regular basis can remove these dangerous germs, making it safer for your family to live in.

Cleaning tiles is a breeze, and anybody can do it with a few basic DIY techniques. On the market, you may find a variety of cleaning chemicals made especially for tile cleaning. If you put in the time and have the correct equipment, you may make do without hiring a cleaning service and still get results that seem professional.

Benefits of Tile Sealing

Tile cleaning isn’t a permanent fix, although it may work temporarily. To keep your tiles looking like new, you must clean them as often as possible. However, tile sealing provides protection that lasts, so you won’t have to clean your tiles as often.

Sealing tiles helps keep them in pristine condition by forming a protective layer over their surface. This protective layer makes the tiles simpler to clean and maintain by preventing dirt, water, and stains from entering. And you know what? Tiles that are sealed are less prone to soak up spills, which protects them from unsightly discoloration and permanent stains.

In addition, your tiles will last longer with tile sealing. The surface is reinforced and becomes more resistant to wear and scratches with the application of a sealer. This is especially helpful in locations with a lot of foot activity, including hallways and entryways, where tiles may easily be damaged.

Improving the look of your tiles is yet another perk of having them sealed. Depending on your aesthetic preferences, you may get sealants in a range of finishes, including matte, gloss, and semi-gloss. The best thing about it is that there’s a sealant out there for every taste, whether you’re going for a matte or glossy look.

Determining Factors to Take Into Account

Now that you understand the advantages of each option, there are several factors you must consider when deciding between cleaning and sealing tiles: 

  • Check the State of Your Tiles. Tile cleaning could be enough if your tiles are in decent condition and only need a thorough scrub. But if your tiles are old, damaged, or easily stained, sealing them will make them last longer and preserve them even more.
  • Consider Your Maintenance Capacity. Tile sealing is the way to go if you’re short on time and would rather not deal with a lot of upkeep. In comparison to unsealed tiles, sealed ones are less demanding in terms of maintenance and cleaning.
  • Consider the Precise Spot of Your Tiles. With its enhanced durability and stain resistance, tile sealing is an excellent choice for high-traffic areas. These are often hallways and kitchens. However, spaces that don’t get much use, like guest bathrooms, may not need sealing and can be kept clean enough.
  • Think About Your Budget. Most of the time, and mainly when doing it yourself, cleaning tiles is less expensive than sealing them. Costs associated with sealing might add up, too, depending on factors like the size of the area you need to cover or your preference for professional services.

DIY Tile Cleaning Methods

Now that we have covered the essential factors you need to consider when choosing between cleaning and sealing, it’s time to get you familiar with some DIY tile cleaning solutions.

  • Vinegar and Water. Just fill a spray bottle with water and white vinegar and spray the mixture over the tiles. Wait a few minutes, then clean them with a brush or sponge. To get rid of any leftover residue, rinse it well.
  • Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide. You can combine baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to make a thick paste. Scrub the tiles with a brush after applying the paste and letting it set for a bit. After rinsing, the tiles will seem clean and revitalized.

DIY Tile Sealing Methods

If you’d rather get the advantages of sealing, you can take a look into the following do-it-yourself options. After you’ve wiped off the tiles, use a paintbrush or roller to apply a tile sealant according to the directions on the bottle. Before you use the tiled area again, make sure the sealer is totally dry.

Note that professional tile sealing services may provide the highest degree of protection and lifespan, whereas DIY solutions may lower that standard. Hiring a professional tile sealing service is your best bet for getting the job done well and enjoying the advantages for the long haul.

Professional Tile Cleaning and Sealing Services

Do you like the idea of having spotless tiles but hate scrubbing them on your hands and knees? Don’t worry! Professional tile cleaning services can help in this situation. 

These people aren’t your typical cleaners but rather skilled professionals equipped with the latest tools and expertise to handle the most stubborn stains. They can handle any tough stain! They know the best cleaning substances and methods for different types of tiles. 

Like expert tile cleaning, professional tile sealing has several benefits. Professional tile sealers can assess your tiles’ condition and recommend the appropriate sealant. They know the different finishes and can help you choose. A skilled tile sealing treatment can help your tiles survive longer and resist damage. Experienced sealers have the equipment to apply sealant uniformly and quickly, ensuring complete coverage and eliminating mistakes.

Certified Clean Care: Your Partner in Making the Right Choice

If you ever find yourself stuck on the topic of tile cleaning vs sealing, there are a number of options you can take into account. These options include your budget and lifestyle, as well as the location and condition of the tiles. If you want to do it yourself, you may also find excellent DIY cleaning and sealing procedures. 

On the other hand, Certified Clean Care is the company to contact if you’re looking for long-term solutions that work. As a team, we provide much more than simply cleaning service. Let us clean your tiles and maintain their freshness – Reach out to us now!