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How to Keep Your Couch Clean

TLDR: you can find couches in virtually home that you visit; they provide a space for people to sit while also adding some nice interior decorative style to your space. When your couches begin to become affected by set-in dirt or grime, you need to clean it using the proper technique to avoid any severe damage during the cleansing process. Every couch comes with a fabric tag that will enable you to determine the correct cleaning approach so you can avoid any issues. 

Couches are some of the most common pieces of furnishing and accents that people use in their homes to increase their inherent value and appeal. Over time, your couch will begin to attract dirt and other stains, which will impact its look and the integrity of its fibers. When you begin to notice signs that your carpet is starting to decline in quality, you should try to clean it to preserve its natural appeal and overall value. 

Cleaning your carpet requires that you use the appropriate solutions and chemicals so that you can clean your carpet while avoiding damaging its material fiber in the process. You can use several different methods and techniques to clean your couch without worrying about ruining it in the process. 

For those that have been trying to find out how to clean their couch properly, continue reading to find out all of the important information you need to know. 

What Can Your do to Keep Your Couch Clean?

Every couch is made from different materials, because of this, you must pay attention to the specific type of material that your couch is made from. You need to look for some different cleaning codes when trying to determine the optimal method to clean your couch. You can look at the tag on your couch to identify the optimal cleaning approach. 

Here are the common cleaning codes you will find in most couches:

  • S- you should only clean your couch with a water-free detergent 
  • W- only clean your couch using a water-based solvent 
  • WS- clean your couch with a dry cleaner or water-based cleaner 
  • X- you should only have your couch cleaned by a professional cleaning company 
  • O- your couch is made from a completely organic material and should only be washed using cold water 

Once you find out what the recommended cleaning method is for your couch, you can proceed with the sanitization process. Steam cleaning is one of the most effective methods you can use to clean your couch safely. 

If only a small part of your couch is dirty, you should use spot-cleaning instead, as this is a really good way to remove particular spots from your upholstery. 

Making sure your couch looks great all the time 

There are several cleaning solutions you can use to remove stains and other aesthetic impurities from your upholstery. Some of the best readily available couch cleaning products are: baking soda, zep cleaner, wine away, tuff stuff, dryel dryer wipes, and folex. 

After cleaning your couch, make sure you let it sit in a well-ventilated area so that it can dry evenly without causing water spots to form. 


We’ve covered all of the essential information and facts that you need to know about how to clean your couch the right way. Before cleaning your couch, ask yourself these two simple questions: “What is the best method to clean my couch according to it’s tags?” and “How much of an area on my couch are affected by stains?”

People Also Ask

How do you clean a fabric sofa?

There is an entire process of cleaning a fabric couch if you want to make sure you do it correctly. Here is a simple process you can use to clean your sofa entirely and thoroughly: vacuum your sofa first, next mix a cup of distilled water, vinegar, and dishwashing liquid, take a damp microfiber cleaning cloth and dip it into the mixture then begin cleaning your sofa.

How do you keep a light sofa clean?

You can use a plethora of methods to keep your light sofa clean. Here are some effective techniques you can use to keep your light sofa clean: clean it regularly, cover it using a protective layer, and moving it around on occasion.

How do you keep upholstery clean?

One of the best ways to keep your upholstery clean on a regular basis is by vacuuming it weekly. Vacuuming will release all of the trapped dirt in your upholstery fibers so that you can avoid more serious stains and other aesthetic issues.