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Is It Time To Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

Is it time to get your air ducts cleaned?

Your home’s air ducts are constantly working to circulate air throughout each room in your house. Multiple times a day air is being pushed through your home’s ducts to keep your house in a comfortable, consistent living condition.

Season after season air flows from the rooms in your home into your air ducts. It cycles back through the ducts and back again into your living environment. The air that travels through your home’s ductwork is the same air your family breathes every day.

Over time pollutants like dust, mold, mildew, bacteria, pet hair, and other harmful debris collects inside your ducts and contaminates your home’s air. This damaging process makes it essential to have your air ducts cleaned regularly!

Air duct cleaning refers to the removal of pollutants and dust build-up from within your home’s duct system. Your home’s duct system is extensive, going throughout your entire home, linking together every room. To clean out this ventilation system powerful vacuums remove the harmful debris that has built up in your home’s air ducts, preventing it from circulating back into your house.

Air Duct Cleaning ResultsDoes Air Duct Cleaning Make A Difference?

Getting your air ducts cleaned by a professional does wonders for your home’s air quality. It reduces allergens and irritants, keeps your house smelling fresh, and improves your home’s airflow performance.

When done by professionals the cleaning process is done with professional equipment. Your standard vacuum cleaner isn’t strong enough to remove the dust build-up from your vents. The heavy-duty vacuums clean each part of the duct system: the fans, motors, coils, registers, supply and return ducts, diffusers, everything in the system. That’s why hiring professionals for this job is extremely important. This is not a DIY project. Companies that specialize in air duct cleaning have the correct equipment, knowledge, and experience to leave your home’s duct system operating efficiently and they are able to clean your home’s air ducts without damaging your system.

Additionally, all those nasty pollutants that accumulate in your vents don’t just stay in the air, they settle on and into the surfaces of your house. By having your air ducts cleaned, items like furniture, bedding, and hard surfaces are more hygienic and require less dusting or cleaning. It also reduces the number of allergens and other harmful irritations that are found in the air. If you suffer from allergies, sinus infections, asthma, or get sick often it might be time for an air duct cleaning. By removing toxic pollutants like dust, pet dander, bacteria, pollen, mildew, and mold spores from the air you will be able to breathe easier and stay healthier longer.

Air Duct Cleaning ResultsHow Often Should Air Ducts Be Cleaned?

The standard recommendation for getting your air ducts cleaned is every three to five years. Here are some signs to look for if you think it may be time to clean your ducts:

  • Odors– Is your house smelling not so fresh? Is there an unpleasant scent you can’t seem to get rid of? Do common living areas have a musty smell to them? These could all be indicators that it is time for your air duct to get a thorough cleaning. A good way to check if these smells are coming from a dirty air duct system is by turning off your system and seeing if the smell dissipates.
  • Visible signs– Do you dust or clean frequently only to have debris reappear days or hours after? Are you noticing a build-up of dust near registers or vents? Frequent dust build-up is a common sign that your air ducts are clogged or dirty. Try keeping track of how often you have to dust around your home. If it is every few days it may be time for an air duct cleaning.
  • Symptoms- Are family members getting sick frequently? Notice an increase in sneezing, runny noses, allergy symptoms? A build-up of dust and pollutants in your ducts can cause an increase in illness. Be aware of symptoms to see if they occur more often when the air conditioning or heat is turned on.

What Is The Cost Of Getting Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

The average cost of duct cleaning is around $375. Typically the price falls between $269 and $489. Costs can increase depending on how large your home is, the type of heating and cooling systems you have, and how bad your ducts are contaminated/ blocked.

Getting your air ducts cleaned regularly, helps ensure that your airflow system will operate at peak efficiency. When ducts are clogged they are forced to work overtime, costing you more money to run your heating and cooling systems. By getting your air ducts professionally cleaned every 5-7 years you decrease the stress put on your ventilation system and increase the money in your pocket by operating your home’s system at a more cost-effective performance.

Certified Clean Care Can Help!

To properly clean out your home’s air ducts make sure should hire a professional company that has professional equipment. Certified Clean Care specializes in air duct cleaning at affordable prices.

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